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Your Key to Unlocking Free Cash for Your Business in 2024

Hello Barter Black® community! It's Nicole Murphy here, and today, let's dive into the world of grants. They can be absolute game-changers for your business, and I'm excited to share my insights and strategies to help you navigate this journey. With my experience of securing over $16k in grants and pitching to icons like Pharrell and Bishop TD Jakes, I've learned a lot – and it's time to pass that knowledge on to you!

1️⃣ Apply for Everything You're Eligible For

Whether it's a $500 opportunity or a $30k grant, apply for it all. It's a numbers game – the more you apply for, the better your chances. Don't overlook the smaller grants; they add up and can make a significant difference.

2️⃣ Check Eligibility Requirements

Before you dive in, make sure you're a fit for the grant. This saves time for both you and the grantors. If you don't meet the criteria, it's a no-go. Focus your energy on the grants where you tick all the boxes.

3️⃣ Create a List

Start each month by listing out the grants you're targeting. Go the extra mile and include them on the calendar you use daily. This keeps you organized and on top of deadlines.

4️⃣ Commit the Time

Grant applications require dedicated time. Block out 1-2 hours each week for this purpose. A good playlist or show in the background, along with a cup of coffee, can make this task more enjoyable.

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5️⃣ Save, Save, Save

Document every response you write for applications. These answers are invaluable for future applications and can help you understand what works.

6️⃣ Organization is Key

Keep all your documents in one specific folder. Knowing exactly where to find what you need for an application is a huge time-saver.

7️⃣ Submit All Required Documents

Make sure you provide every document requested. Missing even one can lead to your application being rejected. Stick to the list!

8️⃣ Awaiting Announcements

Mark down the announcement dates for each grant. The wait can be nerve-wracking, but knowing when to expect news can ease some of the anxiety.

9️⃣ Persistence Pays

If you don't succeed at first, keep trying. Each "no" brings you closer to a "yes." Plus, you get more efficient with each application you complete.

🔟 Polish that Pitch

Every application is an opportunity to refine your pitch. Practice makes perfect, and your pitch will evolve and improve over time.

(BONUS) Stay Positive

Maintain a positive mindset. Believe in your journey, especially when it gets tough. Persistence and positivity are key to overcoming challenges.

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Here's to a prosperous and fully funded 2024! 🥂✨🎉

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