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5 Ways a Virtual Assistant Can Revolutionize Your Workday

I don't know what you've been told, but I believe the best place to get accurate information is directly from the source.

I'm Yvonne (from Brooklyn, baby!), a Systems Strategist for Black Women professionals in law, medicine and education. My entrepreneurship journey began as a Tech Virtual Assistant in 2016.

Based on my inside scoop, I can confirm that working with a virtual assistant is an essential investment, not merely an expense.

While an especially versatile Virtual Assistant is worth their weight in gold, you do not have to reach some mythical level of revenue to work with one.

That’s the Catch-22: you can’t work with a VA until you can ‘afford’ one, but you can’t generate the revenue because you’re doing the work of a VA instead of operating as a CEO.

Let that breathe.

There are LEVELS to this.

My top five reasons why every business and entrepreneur should have at least one virtual assistant: time management, ROI, increased productivity, flexibility and expertise.

Time Management: Business moguls and entrepreneurs have a lot on their plate, and that’s usually the biggest challenge.

A virtual assistant is more than an extra pair of hands or someone you can dump random tasks on. They can execute or automate scheduling, email management, and social media management that free up your mental headspace so you can move like a CEO!

ROI of Cost vs Value: One of my favorite arguments...I mean discussions. Looking at the numbers, hiring a full-time employee is more expensive because of benefits, insurance, etc.

Virtual Assistants, whether they also operate as entrepreneurs / businesses, work with an agency, or independently as freelancers / contractors, are responsible for those expenses.

Also, because they work remotely, that eliminates the need for office space, equipment (in most cases; that may be dependent upon your business needs / industry), etc.

This is often the most cost-effective option in the beginning that can be extended and easily incorporated as a standard practice.

Consider the premium value you place on your time...the one thing we can't replace. What is the best use of your time...on generating revenue or things you can effectively delegate?

Increased Productivity: While generalists can take on tasks, such as data entry, research and admin work, specialists have a wider variety of skill sets and can do things like tackle your tech, manage your online presence / community, etc. Being able to duplicate your efforts is as close to cloning yourself as you're gonna get!

Flexibility: Based on how Virtual Assistants may structure their business, they can be fairly flexible in their availability.

This is the cheat code for working entrepreneurs who need availability outside of traditional business hours or those who don’t adhere to a typical schedule.

That level of flexibility also applies to the scope of support needed, which could also be seasonal, based on the industry. Not all businesses or entrepreneurs need the 9 to 5 support that most have come to associate with Virtual Assistants.

A package-based business model eliminates hourly time-tracking and reduces the chance of micro-managing, both of which are a corporate holdover mindset trap. The more important metric to focus on would be the results or return on investment.

Expertise: Many Virtual Assistants often have specialized skills, such as social media management, graphic design, bookkeeping, or technology.

By working with a well-rounded Virtual Assistant, you get the benefit of multiple skill sets in one person, who should still be compensated according to their specialized expertise, since you will not have to invest in additional support.

Having at least one virtual assistant is a solid investment in a valuable asset.

Whether you are in the build, grow or scale season of your business, consider working with a virtual assistant…sooner rather than later.

If you’ve made it this far, you may be saying to yourself…okay, now what?

You’ve got questions? I’ve got answers!

Written from the perspective of a Tech Virtual Assistant, I’ve created a guide to give you more insight into the variety of services Virtual Assistants can provide and how they can support your professional needs.

The guide (available here) includes a worksheet to help you determine your hair-on-fire priority and the type of Virtual Assistant you need first!

If you still have questions, please reach out via email or book a Virtual Office Visit.

I’m looking forward to your success on the other side of your investment!

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