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The Art of Bartering: How I Turned $776 into Income and Expenses Without Spending a Dime

Hey Besties! Do I have a story for you that's going to flip the script on how you view bartering. So, on November 1st I made $776, but I also racked up $776 in expenses, and I didn't spend a single dime. Sounds like a magic trick, right? Well, it's not magic; it's bartering, baby! I mean, you know bartering is my love language! Click to purchase.

The Power Move: Bartering in Action

Here's the lowdown: I offered a one-month subscription to my fellow besties in the Black Entrepreneurs Barter community. What did they have to do? Just post about Barter Black® on their social media once a week on two different platforms for three weeks, and fill out a survey on the fourth week. Easy peasy!

The Sweet Exchange

In return for their shoutouts, they got access to Barter Black® for a month. Now, this isn't just any subscription—it's valued at $97 a month, but our members get it for $47. That's a steal! But in bartering terms, it's pure gold.

The Double Whammy: Income and Expenses

Now, let's break it down. By bartering, I've essentially created $776 in income because that's the value of the services exchanged. At the same time, I've also logged $776 in expenses for the subscriptions provided. Why is this a win-win? Because it balances the books in a way that's tax-efficient. Yep, those bartered subscriptions? They're a business expense that can be written off. Smart, huh?

Lead Generation Like a Boss

But wait, there's more! This whole bartering dance isn't just about balancing numbers; it's lead generation on steroids. I'm letting folks test drive Barter Black® before they fully commit. It's like taking a car for a spin before you buy it—only this ride can elevate your business game.

The Plus Side: A Tax Write-Off

And let's talk about that subscription again. It's not just a service; it's a tax write-off. That's right, joining our community is not only about growth and connections; it's also financially savvy.

The Perks of Joining Barter Black®

Now, why join our community? Let me count the ways! You get to be part of an exclusive group that's all about growth. You get access to a grant list made just for Black entrepreneurs. You can level up weekly with like-minded go-getters, get listed in our directory, and have the chance to host your own mastermind or podcast episode.

The Cherry on Top: Recurring Commissions

And if that's not enough, how about a 30% monthly recurring commission? That's $14.10 in your pocket every month for each person you refer to our platform. And if you bring in three VIP Besties, your own subscription is practically covered. Now, if that's not a sweet deal, I don't know what is!

The Barter Balance: It's Not Always Even-Steven

Now, let's keep it real for a minute. While my recent barter created equal income and expenses, that's not always how the cookie crumbles. Every barter is a unique dance, and the steps can change with each partner and situation.

Example: When Your Expense Write-Off Is More Than Your Income

Let's say you're a business coach within the Barter Black® community. You offer a package of your coaching services, which you typically charge at $450 for three sessions. You decide to barter with a virtual assistant who usually charges $30 per hour.

Your Expense: You receive 10 hours of virtual assistant services, which would normally cost you $300 if you paid out of pocket.

Your Income: In exchange, you provide three hours of business coaching, which is valued at $450.

In this barter, the virtual assistant services you received (and thus 'write off' as an expense) are valued at $300, while the income (the value of the coaching services you provided) is higher, at $450. This means you've provided a service with a higher value than the service you received, which can be advantageous for the virtual assistant. However, for you as the coach, this could be a strategic move if the virtual assistant's services save you time that you can invest in attracting more clients or developing your business further.

Because there's a $150 difference in value. To balance the barter, could require the the virtual assistant to pay the $150 difference in cash. This way, you're compensated for the extra value you're providing, and both parties feel the exchange is fair.

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So, What Are You Waiting For?

Y'all, it's time to stop playing and start winning. Come get one of these subscriptions, and let's make moves together. It's not just about making money; it's about making smart money moves. If you are interested in bartering your first month subscription on Barter Black®, email us today at

Until next time, keep hustling, keep bartering, and let's keep growing together!

Peace out and prosperity, Nicole Murphy, CEO of Barter Black®

P.S. Ready to jump in? Hit me up, and let's get you started on this game-changing journey.

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