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A New Chapter Begins...

At Barter Black®, we're charting a bold new course to better serve Black entrepreneurs nationwide. Our pivot is not just about enhancing the platform; it's about creating a future where inclusivity, impact, and innovation lead the way. This evolution includes launching our innovative Crowdbartering Campaign, a unique opportunity for you to contribute to the rebuild and relaunch.


Your goods, services, or expertise can help shape our collective future. Be a part of this exciting journey and help us create a platform

that truly reflects the needs and aspirations

of our community.

Driven Black entrepreneur focused on her laptop, symbolizing the dedication and innovation at Dare to Disrupt, DC's leading business event.

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A Message From Our Founder

Dear Barter Black® Family,

If you've ever hesitated to admit that things aren't working out and it's time for a change, let me step up first and say it loud and clear: I'M STARTING OVER.


Joining an incubator program was a crossroads for me. It was my test to decide whether to walk away or double down on Barter Black®. This journey hasn't been a walk in the park. The dream I had during the pandemic—to ensure no Black-owned business went without the essential goods and services to start, operate, and grow—has cost me in ways I couldn't have imagined. But the vision was clear: we could achieve so much more by working together.

Two weeks into the incubator, I'm not just ready to keep fighting; I'm prepared to rebuild from the ground up. My first attempt at building Barter Black® was done in isolation, without a community. This time, it's different. We've built a community. People are getting the hang of bartering, and with the insights from our customer discovery calls, I'm thrilled to develop an entirely new platform. One that's nurtured by the knowledge we've gained and the valuable feedback you've shared.

This pivot is both a challenge and an inspiration. It's tough to face that things didn't go as planned, but it's incredibly liberating to embrace change and start anew. This isn't just a restart; it's a recommitment to our mission, armed with more experience, a stronger community, and a renewed spirit.


Thank you for being part of this journey. Your support, your insights, and your unwavering belief in our mission fuel this new chapter. Together, we're not just rebuilding a platform; we're reimagining the future of Black entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as we bring this vision to life. Your feedback, as always, is invaluable. Together, let's create a platform that truly reflects our needs, aspirations, and the collective power of our community.

With gratitude and renewed energy,


Nicole Murphy
Founder, Barter Black®

"Let's build not just a platform, but a legacy."

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The New Barter Black®

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